How much does Vlad *really* know about Kragar?

Sun Jan 1 16:31:08 PST 2006

Mark A. Mandel wrote:

>-- Jon Lincicum <lincicum at comcast.net> wrote:
>>in the same way--translation: Vlad knows perfectly well what the deal >is
>>with Kragar, but just hasn't chosen to share that information with >the
>>silver box he talks to (i.e the reader).
>>Not necessarily. I was thinking today about detective novel tropes.
>The hero(ine) has 
> - the sidekick, 
> - the friend on the force or elsewhere in power, 
> - and various other people with special knowledge or abilities to call
>Kragar is the sidekick, for as long as Vlad is a boss in the Organization,
>as well as having resources. I don't know that Vlad HAD the resources to
>look into K's past, before K was working for him. That's the kind of work
>that he DELEGATES to K.
Yes, certainly that's the kind of work that Vlad delegated to 
Kragar--AFTER he decided to let Kragar be his chief lieutenant.

But given Vlad's penchant for careful preparation in regards to setting 
up an assassination (done in the early days BEFORE Kragar was working 
for him), it seems unusual that he wouldn't take the time to do the same 
sort of work up on Kragar--detective story conventions aside.

As to not having the resources to look into Kragar's past--well, there 
are two ways to look at that. 
#1. Certainly Vlad had some good friends at that point (He hadn't met 
Morrolan or Sethra yet, but he had met /Kiera/, and Nielar was a close 
associate (who had employed Kragar himself (partnering him with Vlad) 
prior to that).

Secondly, it seems likely that if he HADN'T been able to do a good work 
up on Kragar, he wouldn't have offered him the job. (Thier friendship up 
to that point was nice and all, but hardly the kind of thing Vlad would 
be willing to bet his life on.)

I dunno. That's just how I see it. Vlad didn't stay alive in the Jhereg 
for so long *just* by being lucky. (Although there was certainly a good 
amount of luck involved.)