Concerning Plurality

Sun Jan 1 16:34:30 PST 2006

Mark A. Mandel wrote:

> --- And now I see that "Majikjon" -- the founder of the Terics Academy --
>has moved it to a "Meta" page, which is appropriate since it's discussion
>of the Tsalmoth OUTSIDE the universe of the stories (Doylist rather than
>Watsonian), and has added a whole lot of the information that has come up
>in this thread, organized very nicely.
In all fairness, while I moved the article to Meta, Davdi of Silverrock 
should be credited for the expansion of the article (and a very nice job 
he did of it, as well).

>mam/c&s -- and a very happy New Year to all!
Indeed. Hope you all didn't get too sloshed last night. (Oooo, my head.)

Where's an anti-hangover spell when you really need one?