Another candidate for Vlad's mother in BP (Minor BP Spoliers)

Sun Jan 1 17:55:04 PST 2006

Mia McDavid wrote:

> I have always been sure in my own mind that Vlad's mother was 
> mentioned in Brokedown Palace.

On reviewing names for the Dramatis Personae page at the wikicity, I 
stumbled across the reference to the one sort of "minor" female 
character in BP who is a servant at the palace: a woman named  Juliska 
who is the head assistant to the cook (Ambrus the Fat).

Since Noish-pa's cat is also named Ambrus, could this be a subtle clue 
pointing to Juliska as Vlad's mother? Granted, this is a stretch, but 
the "Mariska-as-Vlad's-Mom" theory seems to be contradicted by Verra's 
comments in /Issola/, so Juliska is about the only other female 
candidate we have left (assuming, of course, that Vlad's mother does 
indeed appear someplace in BP, which is far from certain.)