The Magic Box

Wed Jan 4 15:53:26 PST 2006

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> The part that is unclear to me is: "Vlad gives the box to Sethra, leading 
> to the SKZB-Paarfi interview."
> Leads how? How does Vlad giving the box to Sethra set up an interview with 
> Brust? Where is the connection to SKZB here at all? And how is this not 
> simply a series of intermediary agents in between Vlad and SKZB? (Or 
> rather, bewteen Paarfi and SKZB?)

Well, Paarfi and SKZB have had an interview, so there's a connection between Paarfi and SKZB. And Philip believes that Paarfi and Sethra are nearly the same person, so there's the connection between Sethra and SKZB; this is part of the communication problem here, since you've probably not seen too many references to Paarfi being ~= to Sethra, and it should also clarify instances when Philip refers to Paarfi as talented, etc. (Philip's theory is fairly amusing; once I get back to Massachusetts tomorrow, I can search for the thread/posts and send them or a link to them to you).


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