The Magic Box

Wed Jan 4 17:29:45 PST 2006

Dear powers-that-be, I didn't receive the email Jose responds to below,
or anyway haven't yet.  I think I only see dragaera-bounces in Jon's
comments, btw.

Reply to Jose follows.

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Jose Marquez wrote:

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> > The part that is unclear to me is: "Vlad gives the box to Sethra, leading
> > to the SKZB-Paarfi interview."
> >
> > Leads how? How does Vlad giving the box to Sethra set up an interview with
> > Brust? Where is the connection to SKZB here at all? And how is this not
> > simply a series of intermediary agents in between Vlad and SKZB? (Or
> > rather, bewteen Paarfi and SKZB?)
> Well, Paarfi and SKZB have had an interview, so there's a connection
> between Paarfi and SKZB. And Philip believes that Paarfi and Sethra are
> nearly the same person, so there's the connection between Sethra and
> SKZB; this is part of the communication problem here, since you've
> probably not seen too many references to Paarfi being ~= to Sethra, and

If this wasn't obvious from recent comments (e.g., at least three over
the last month mixing P and S), then my bad.  I had sort of assumed that
there was a Paarfi-as-puppet wiki page by now, given that it comes up