The Magic Box

Wed Jan 4 18:00:51 PST 2006

Jose Marquez wrote:

>Well, Paarfi and SKZB have had an interview, so there's a connection between Paarfi and SKZB. And Philip believes that Paarfi and Sethra are nearly the same person, so there's the connection between Sethra and SKZB; this is part of the communication problem here, since you've probably not seen too many references to Paarfi being ~= to Sethra, and it should also clarify instances when Philip refers to Paarfi as talented, etc. (Philip's theory is fairly amusing; once I get back to Massachusetts tomorrow, I can search for the thread/posts and send them or a link to them to you).
That would be very helpful, and much appreciated.

I don't wish to generate too much discussion that is 100% repetition of 
what has come before.

At the same time, I'm not sure I can conceive of Sethra being in any way 
shape or form interested in secretly being Paarfi... Not that there's 
anything not to like about Paarfi, understand, he just doesn't strike me 
as the type of person that Sethra would be willing to put with.