The Magic Box

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Re: The Magic Box

>>  I think I only see dragaera-bounces in Jon's comments, btw.
>This might have something to do with the mail agent he's using at his
>stream.com account.  I note that the "Sender:" header for the list is
>from "dragaera-bounces"; if he uses "Reply All", and it responds by
>CC-ing what's in the "Sender" header (as well as what's in the "From:"
>and "To:" headers), well, I think that would explain it.

I can confirm at least this much. My work proxy seems to block about every 
10th message from the list, and the rest of the time I get the "bounces" 
address in the recipients (indicating, I think, that the server has had to 
make two or more attempts to deliver the message).

I try to remember to remove the "bounces" address when I reply (I''ve left 
it in this time for demonstration purposes) but I don't always think of 

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