The Magic Box

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RE: The Magic Box

>(Pararectally, the description of Paarfi sounds a lot like a sardonic
>description of Brust himself.) It's a rather big stretch for me to 

Steve wouldn't *ever* sarcastically self-parody himself would he? 

(Incidentally, the "Gods playing at Eidelons" bit at the end of this 
section is absolutely fabulous. It also gives us the complete rules for 
the Dragaeran game of "Seven-Clawed Jhereg", which bears some striking 
similarities to Hold 'em... (Insofar as it is obviously exactly the same 
game). This bit also gives nearly a complete breakdown of what a Dragaeran 
deck of cards consists of. I am currently considering the best way to add 
this information to the wiki.)

>Sethra turning herself into a man and living Paarfi's apparently
>semi-decadent life, including seducing one of his groupies...

That was my feeling, as well. This just doesn't seem too likely.