(Orca spoiler)

Fri Jan 6 08:07:57 PST 2006

> >Well, he's been to Fenarr, and it's some sort of soldier's curse.
> >Oddly enough, cursing seems to be one of the first things people pick
> >up in a new language; perhaps because the grammar of expletives is so
> >basic, and expletives are disproportionately likely to be curses. So
> >it could be a phrase learned in adulthood, even.
> >
> >Max Wilson
> There is it. It's on Phoenix's page, towards the bottom.
> http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~phoenix/brust/books.html
> Tragya means (according to this translation), "We're in deep shit." and
> Legalabb is "At least."
> Majikjon

My resource for all things crude, the Alternative Dictionary, does not
mention that word on the Hungarian page. . . .


For shit we have:

szar ? shit note Meaning differs from its English equivalent. Though it
literally means 'shit' Hungarian people use it to describe something of bad
quality. E.g. 'Az egész úgy szar, ahogy van' = It's not worth a piece of
shit. Van egy tök szar autóm = I have a really bad car.

However, at http://dict.sztaki.hu/index.jhtml I did find tragya, and it was
listed as manure, or muck. Given Vlad's opinion of horses, I could see this
being a curse to him.