(Orca spoiler)

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Fri Jan 6 08:35:00 PST 2006

Jeff G. wrote:

>For shit we have:
>szar ? shit note Meaning differs from its English equivalent. Though it
>literally means 'shit' Hungarian people use it to describe something of bad
>quality. E.g. 'Az egész úgy szar, ahogy van' = It's not worth a piece of
>shit. Van egy tök szar autóm = I have a really bad car.

We have seen religious cursing in Dragaera.    I'm told French cursing
is religious.   U.S. tends to be sexual and scatological.   I wonder how
this varies around our world - and around Vlad's world.

Of course, "shit" in English is more and more like the Hungarian.   We
are in a society that no longer is afraid to state the concept - only
now we use the word "poop" - even in polite company.    It's also OK to
say something is bull shit, and to a lesser extent - that is a shitty
car.    A similar change in meaning is "bitch", which used to be used to
describe female dogs the way we use "cow" to describe female bulls.