The Sethra-Paarfi link theory

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>>I wrote at least a summary on the topic here on at least one occasion.
>>Perhaps I can dig one or more up.  Unfortunately I have come over time
>>to find the matter boring and simply taken it on as a viewpoint.
>You did indeed. And interestingly, I was in Miami at the time and 
>couldn't search my archives when the discussion came up. If we're 
>searching the list archives, January of 2005 is the month in question, 
>and the thread is the questions about Paarfi thread. More specifically:

>and the actual summary:

>I can grab more cites for this line of speculation from my personal list 
>archive if they're wanted (I generally have an easier time finding 
>things that way).

Using the above, I've taken the liberty of posting this summary (edited a 
bit for clarity, and wikified) on the wikicity. It can be found at:


Please review this, if you feel so inclined, and feel free to revise the 
entry, or else just ask me to revise if you find any points are 
innaccurate or have been omitted.


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