The Sethra-Paarfi link theory

Fri Jan 6 11:55:35 PST 2006

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006 Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:

> http://dragaera.wikicities.com/wiki/Speculation:Paarfi_of_Roundwood
> Please review this, if you feel so inclined, and feel free to revise the
> entry, or else just ask me to revise if you find any points are
> innaccurate or have been omitted.

The last line should link to spec about the events of _FHYA_ -
the related idea that Sethra/Aliera offed Tortaalik and put the blame
on (or gave the credit to) Mario, which is a simpler version of events -
or be omitted.

There should also be a discussion of Orb-Emperor vs Cycle-Emperor drawn
from arguments at the time of the summary link.  Which the wiki page might
link to.