house art

Sun Jan 8 20:07:51 PST 2006

The art I sent was what I have thus far, although I also have a dragon to
send - but I was hoping to get the first batch posted to the list before the
next wave.  Any ideas folks?

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    Hi all,
    As promised here is the first wave of house art -
    Please let me know what you all think.
    If you have or know of other art that needs to be considered for this
    project let me know ASAP.
  Eek...I was just wondering why no one has replied from the dragaera list
to your post...and I checked and your post did not get to the list.  I bet
it was because of the attachment.  I do not think anyone got your email but
me and the other person you sent it to.  Sorry, it took so long for me to
figure it out.  I have Serenity on my mind.

  Here are my thoughts:

  Cool.  Love them.  Hope you are going to sell them online and not just at
the International Burst Fan Summit http://www.opusfest.com    May 19-21,
2006 Hyatt DTC, Denver, CO.

  Are these the ones Steve has approved?

  jhereg  It is hard to think of jhereg as being so batlike.  But if Steve

  iorich has 4 legs.  That is funny...because everyone thinks a jhereg has 4

  I like phoenix1 better than phoenix2.

  I like tsalmoth2 better than tsalmoth1.

  No dragon
  No lyron
  No vallista
  No teckla

  NEED THE ORCA color one and the DZUR one.  Maybe more.

  Thank Rion.