the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* know about Kragar?)

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> And once identified, when and how did they start honing him?
> IMO: In My Opinion
> When:  Since Dolivar came to their attention and then died.
> Or could have been even before Dolivar.
> How:  Having Dolivar be reincarnated into each of the different houses.  I
> think Teckla would be after Dolivar to put fear into him.   When done with
> 17 houses--Easterner.
> Dragon
> Teckla
> ...
> Dzur
> Tiassa
> Easterner
> No proof...just my wild speculation that no one else seems to believe in.
> Steve will show you one day!  Or maybe not.

Well, technically, Vlad/Dolivar already was a Dragon, and I would think that
being houseless in the early days of the empire would teach him fear.
However, this would go a long way to explaining how Vlad has such insight
into the "Dragearean Point of View" when dealing with the various houses.
IIRC correctly, kept in the halls have 4 destinations:

1. Those that are complete and ready for whatever purpose the LoJ have are
retained (Kieron)

2. Those that are complete, but still have a purpose are sent back as undead

3. Those that are flawed, or not needed are kept as servants (Purple Robes)
or dumped as needed for random reincarnation.

4. Those that are not yet complete are sent back to learn the specific
skills / mindset to serve the purpose the LoJ have set for them. (Vlad)

So what is Vlads ultimate purpose? I have my own ideas, but Steve's are
usually cooler, so I will wait for him to share with us.