the honing of Vlad (Some Issola spoilers)

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Re: the honing of Vlad (Some Issola spoilers)

>Hm.  And Kiera would have more knowledge of just how much Vlad has
>been used as a tool (by the Jhereg, for those various assassinations).
>And yet, I think Sethra's wrong, above.  In fact, I think she has
>neglected to take into account that (a) people can change, and (b)
>Easterners, having shorter lives, when they do change, change much
>faster than the Dragaerans that she's more used to dealing with.  And
>Vlad has definitely been changing in the past few years of his exile. 
>And, really, he *wasn't* happy about being used as a tool without his

Well, as I believe someone else said recently, nobody's 100% consistent. 
This includes Vlad, Sethra, and SKZB.

>I was thinking about that chapter in /Issola/ as well, recently - Vlad
>is *very* pissy with Sethra, at the start there.  Speculating about
>that scene, perhaps he felt a bit betrayed by someone he thought he
>could trust.  That is, sitting in Dzur Mountain, as he had been those
>(relatively few) years before when he first met Sethra, it may have
>occurred to him that his button-man Quion might have been discovered
>to have been thinking of skipping out with a chunk of gold by Kiera,
>and that's how *that* particular manipulation was set up.  So Vlad
>ranted at Sethra a bit when he remembered that/deduced that.  Perhaps.
> Or, heck, maybe he figured that Kiera "conspired" with Quion on the
>embezzlement (with any reservations Quion might have had having been
>removed by Morrolan's idea-implantation).  At any rate, definitely a
>reason to be pissy.

Never underestimate the power of the hissy-cow.

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