the honing of Vlad (Some Issola spoilers)

Mon Jan 9 13:16:44 PST 2006

>It seems (to me) that in sending him back to face the Jenoine in /Issola/ 
>she doesn't give him much of a choice, but I'd be interested in hearing you

>elaborate on your point, here.

I don't know that it's a question of choice in this case. There was never
any question of Vlad going back. He'd gone to a fair amount of trouble to
reach Morollan and Alieara in the first place. His visit with Verra happened
as a way to both warn her and to get some advice on how to handle the
situation. It wasn't an attempt to escape it. 

>Certainly, Verra is not "all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful" in the
sense of 
>the god figures of this world usually are. But lack of Omnipotence and
>doesn't mean that she's just totally making it up as she goes along. That's
>specialty, after all. 

In Verra's case, she's influenced by her Aspect as the goddess of, hmm,
"arbitrariness" or "capriciousness" isn't right but I don't remember exactly
how Teldra characterized her. In any case, her basic nature would be
"chaotic" compared to most of the Lords we've been introduced to. Her
strength is that she acts when others are paralyzed by their indecision and
formality. Her weakness is that her actions are seldom as well-formulated as
they should be and can appear to the uninitiated as being entirely random or
even malicious. I imagine that she's pretty much always making it up as she
goes along.