The Nature of Elder Sorcery

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Re: the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really*     knowabout 

>On 1/10/06, Jon_Lincicum at stream.com <Jon_Lincicum at stream.com> wrote:
>> Certainly, the *event* would be remembered, but would anybody ever have
>> known it was Vlad?
>But since the event isn't remembered, it apparently didn't happen, 
>caused by an Easterner or someone else. (And yes, depending on how fast
>Vlad's little trick had spread, someone might have known it was Vlad. 
>it hinges on whether teleportation is really as new a trick as Paarfi 
>it is. Certainly there were witnesses, whose memories are accessible 
>the Orb.)

Well, those memories would be accessible to the Emperor/Empress, anyway. 
But they may elect to suppress the information in the interests of not 
encouraging folks to play around with Elder Sorcery.

>> Vlad would not have known to *try* to use amorphia if he hadn't just 
>> that little talk with Aliera.
>Now, this point I may have to concede. Actually I don't remember the
>sequence of events from "Jarhead" very well. Was he thinking about the
>Dolivar thing particularly, or just that Elder Sorcery were possible? 
>pointed out that Vlad is certainly not the first to learn of Elder 

They had talked about it previously, and Vlad was thinking about the 
conversation very specifically when he did his thing.

Again, "Elder Sorcery" is kind of a blanket term for any non-Orb sorcery, 
which can take many forms. 

Type 1: The ability to create amorphia directly, this is an e'Kieron 

Type 2: The ability to use Chaos stones to control a flow of amorphia is 
clearly something that someone can learn to do with no genetic 

Type 3: The ability to mentally control existing amorphia directly without 
chaos stones. (What Vlad does in /Issola/ to *create* a chaos stone.)

The nature of this last one is less clear. Can just anyone do this? Can 
only e'Kierons do this? 

Some would contend that this is what Grita did during the Interregnum, 
which is certainly implied by her statements. We don't know, however, if 
she had any chaos stones with her during these events, so it may be type 2 
elder sorcery, rather than type 3.

The fact that chaos stones were invented by "Athyra Wizards" might imply 
that anyone can do this type 3 stuff, but we don't know if those Athyra 
sorcerers might have had help from an e'Kieron. (It is, after all, Dragons 
who first used chaos stones effectively in Battle, right before they were