the honing of Vlad (some Issola spoilers)

Tue Jan 10 09:19:38 PST 2006

> >On 1/10/06, Jon_Lincicum at stream.com <Jon_Lincicum at stream.com> wrote:
> >> I'm not sure this follows.
> >>
> >> How often does a soul of the e'Kieron line get reincarnated as an
> >> Easterner? And how often, when that *does* happen, does the Easterner
> >> become aware of that fact while he's alive? And have friends close at
> hand
> >> who can teach him to use those abilities without destroying himself?
> >>
> >> Vlad may, in fact, be the first, and only, Easterner who's learned
> Elder
> >> Sorcery. Seems likely, in fact.
> >
> >But nobody needed to teach Vlad how to use amorphia. He just did it,
> >under stress. Aliera was needed only to stop him from destroying
> >Adrilankha in the process. So the existence of Vlad's powerful friends
> >makes it not more but less likely that Vlad's Elder Sorcery adventures
> >will get into the history books. (And I thought we were _refuting_ the
> That's why I said "...friends close at hand who can teach him to use those
> abilities /without destroying himself/..."
> How likely is it that Vlad's name will get into the history books if the
> city he's living in had erupted into a 3rd Sea of Amorphia?
> Certainly, the *event* would be remembered, but would anybody ever have
> known it was Vlad?
> >hypothesis that it was an innate ability of Easterners and not just
> >e'Kierons to use amorphia.) The only thing required in Vlad's first
> >instance were a link to the Orb and a suitable desperation. The only
> >point in favor of this hypothesis is that Easterners with links to the
> >Orb may be a relatively new (post-Interrugnum) thing. Then again,
> >there's that Easterner that Khaavren mistook for an Athyra...
> Vlad would not have known to *try* to use amorphia if he hadn't just had
> that little talk with Aliera.
> And I have my suspicions about how easy it seemed to be for him to tap
> into that ability. Might have been Verra at work, there, maybe?
> Majikjon

I think you are missing something. Remember the discussion with Aliera.
Elder Sorcery is the direct manipulation of amorphia. Anyone (with
sufficient skill) can learn to do that. That is what Morrolan does, and what
Adron was doing to try take possession of the orb. Creation of amorphia is
the aspect that is linked to the E'Kieron line, and that is what Vlad did in
the restaurant. Vlad does not actually use Elder Sorcery until Issola, at
the stream and again shortly afterwards.

Possible discussion topic: Would the Second Sea of Chaos had been created if
Adron was not part of the E'Kieron line? Was the outpouring of amorphia the
result of his body/soul trying to deal with all the power unleashed by his
spell when it turned against him?

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