Adron's Disaster

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Re: the honing of Vlad (some Issola spoilers)

>I think you are missing something. Remember the discussion with Aliera.
>Elder Sorcery is the direct manipulation of amorphia. Anyone (with
>sufficient skill) can learn to do that. That is what Morrolan does, and 
>Adron was doing to try take possession of the orb. Creation of amorphia 
>the aspect that is linked to the E'Kieron line, and that is what Vlad did 
>the restaurant. Vlad does not actually use Elder Sorcery until Issola, at
>the stream and again shortly afterwards.

See my earlier post about the 3 different "types" of Elder Sorcery.

>Possible discussion topic: Would the Second Sea of Chaos had been created 
>Adron was not part of the E'Kieron line? Was the outpouring of amorphia 
>result of his body/soul trying to deal with all the power unleashed by 
>spell when it turned against him?

Hmm... I think that, given the effects of the spell (according to Paarfi's 
version anyway) he was using, it wouldn't have mattered much *who* was 
doing the spell at that point. (Other than, by virtue of the fact that he 
was Dragon Heir, the Orb sought him out, causing the conflict that 
resulted in the disaster.) If, say K'laiyer e'Lanya had still been alive, 
and had been Heir, and had tried to use the same spell, it would have had 
the same consequences.

Now, it was likely Adron's e'Kieron heritage that gave him the ability to 
create the chaos stones that made the spell possible in the first place, 
so it was likely a contributing factor, since K'laiyer e'Lanya wouldn't 
have been able to do such a spell, just because he wouldn't have the 
stones. (Please forgive me for the awful pun there.)