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>Re: the honing of Vlad

> >> Can anyone cite anywhere the mention of a Jhereg heir? I might be
> >misremembering, but I thought that the entire Jhereg council (not just
> >head) ran the Empire in lieu of having an Emperor figurehead.
>Well, Zerika IV makes comments to Vlad in /Phoenix/ (page 314 of /The Book
>of Taltos/) that says "Later, it was each House, through it's heir, which
>ruled each House..."
>While this is far from conclusive, the fact that she makes no exception
>for the House Jhereg when making this statement is telling.

We also have the *paraphrasing from memory* "Every house gets to rule 
through an emperor except for the Teckla Republic" bit.
I bet we would have heard about any Jhereg Republic if any existed. :)