the honing of Vlad

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On Jan 11, 2006, at 3:05 PM, Davdi Silverrock wrote:

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>>>> Now, these were Left-Hand sorceresses, so they've had some  
>>>> training in
>>>> magic, and it's not impossible that one or more of them *might*
>>  <snip>
>>> What self-respecting Dragaeron sorcerer(ess) would lower him/herself
>>> to learning witchcraft
> Morrolan e'Drien?
>>> (which is what I believe you intend by the use
>>> of the word "magic", jon. I am unfamiliar with the latter concept in
>>> the Brustian universe--there are sorcery, elder sorcery, necromancy,
>>> wizardry (which combines the first 3) and witchcraft.
>> Sorry, I used the word "magic" there just to be a synonym for  
>> "sorcery".
> And you were generally correct in doing so.  "Magic" is the general
> term which encompasses all of the branches of, well, magic, and
> therefore includes sorcery.
> Various hits on "magic" in /Issola/:
> Sethra: "If I can't reach them where they are, I don't know how I'd be
> able to watch you there."
> Vlad: "Uh ... magic?"
> Sethra: "If sorcery worked there, I don't think we'd be having this
> problem, and I can't think what other magic we might use. Unlike you,
> I'm not a witch."
> [Teldra] said, "And we were wondering if there was any magic here."
> (on seeing the river of amorphia)
> [Vlad] said, "Spellbreaker didn't help?"
> "It isn't that kind of magic," said Verra helpfully.
> And so on and so forth.

Mea culpa--you found those references just like magic!