the honing of Vlad

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> >> Now, these were Left-Hand sorceresses, so they've had some training in
> >> magic, and it's not impossible that one or more of them *might*
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> >What self-respecting Dragaeron sorcerer(ess) would lower him/herself
> >to learning witchcraft

Morrolan e'Drien?

> > (which is what I believe you intend by the use
> >of the word "magic", jon. I am unfamiliar with the latter concept in
> >the Brustian universe--there are sorcery, elder sorcery, necromancy,
> >wizardry (which combines the first 3) and witchcraft.
> Sorry, I used the word "magic" there just to be a synonym for "sorcery".

And you were generally correct in doing so.  "Magic" is the general
term which encompasses all of the branches of, well, magic, and
therefore includes sorcery.

Various hits on "magic" in /Issola/:

Sethra: "If I can't reach them where they are, I don't know how I'd be
able to watch you there."
Vlad: "Uh ... magic?"
Sethra: "If sorcery worked there, I don't think we'd be having this
problem, and I can't think what other magic we might use. Unlike you,
I'm not a witch."

[Teldra] said, "And we were wondering if there was any magic here."
(on seeing the river of amorphia)

[Vlad] said, "Spellbreaker didn't help?"
"It isn't that kind of magic," said Verra helpfully.

And so on and so forth.