Not a witch?

Wed Jan 11 15:43:37 PST 2006

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>I am 99.995% certain that they are the same thing, since they were
>both used to refer to what Daymar is able to do.
>Sort of like Chaos/Amorphia.
I seem to recall some William Gibson novels of the same era as /Jhereg/  
(early 1980's) making extensive use of "psionics", as well as GURPS, and 
some other RPGs.

The term seems to have fallen out of use at some point in the 
early-to-mid-90's, which sort of coincides with when SKZB's books 
started using the term "Psychics" instead.

Does anyone else have examples of psionic as opposed to psychic?

>Actually, you seemed to be suggesting that wizardry included
>witchcraft.  My argument is that it does not, given Aliera's and
Yes, but only so I could use Loraan as an exmple of an undead witch.

As to this point, I would refer you to Issola, page 127:


The Elder Sorcery is, perhaps, the most difficult branch of magic, at 
least until you try to throw them all together and tie them up in some 
object where you also keep your soul so you get to call yourself a 
"wizard", for whatever satisfaction that will bring you.


This seems to use "magic" in its most generic sense, which may or may 
not include witchcraft, but given that Vlad is the one making the quote, 
and he's *very* familiar with witchcraft and its status as a magical 
discipline, I'd say at least *he* thinks that a wizard would also be a 

Vlad, of course, may have stated the definition of "wizard" a bit 
glibly. (Ya' think?)

>True, but note that that appears to be facilitated by the Orb; that
>is, the Orb boosting psychic abilities.
No doubt Psychic communication is aided by the Orb (Paarfi says as much 
in SL). But could someone cut off from psychic energies use psionic 
communication, even if they had access to the Orb? I don't know if we 
have enough data to answer this one.