Not a witch?

Wed Jan 11 15:46:37 PST 2006

Maximilian Wilson wrote:

>/Viscount/ is pretty clear that Sethra considers herself a wizard, as
>did Tazendra, while Issola is clear that Sethra does not consider
>herself a witch. QED.
I'm blanking on where Sethra refers to herself as a Wizard... (Not that 
I'm really disagreeing, I just don't recall it).

>I'm tempted to take Vlad's comment about wizardry in Issola as a
>somewhat fascetious comment intended to indicate that he actually
>hasn't a clue in the world what wizardry is. "Roll them all together
>and shove them in a box" sounds a lot like a verbal shrug.
You were reading my last post as I was typing it in, weren't you? ;-)