Not a witch?

Wed Jan 11 23:25:26 PST 2006

Jon Lincicum wrote:

> Jose Marquez wrote:
>> But recall the mild contempt Aliera has for Daymar: "Hello, Daymar. 
>> Mind-probed any teckla, lately?" "No," he answered with a straight 
>> face, "did you have one that you wanted mind-probed?" "Not at the 
>> moment," she said. "Ask me again next Cycle." "I'll be sure to."
>> It's possible that Daymar's brand of psychics is viewed as not much 
>> higher than witchcraft.
> Yes, but Aliera has at least mild contempt for almost everyone.

True; I should have been clearer. I meant that her (mild: clearly she's 
attempting banter, and it's going right over Daymar's head) contempt was 
aimed not necessarily at Daymar, but at his skills. He uses his psychic 
ability to float ostentatiously and has acquired a reputation for 
mind-probing teckla; naturally, she'll roll her eyes and mock him. Yes, 
he's a supremely powerful psychic, but the impression I get from Aliera 
is that she considers this to be as useful as a goldfish mastering the 
bicycle. It's impressive, but ultimately pointless. Mind you, *I'm* not 
suggesting that Daymar's skills are pointless, just that they are 
probably viewed a notch above witchcraft, if that. As we have seen, 
Dragaerans in general dismiss witchcraft as a skill, despite its obvious 
(to the reader and to Vlad & co.) usefulness. I imagine that much the 
same happens with Daymar and psionics/psychics.

> Even Vlad, when she first met him in /Taltos/.

This doesn't come as any surprise; she considers him her inferior.

> And certainly for Sethra throughout FHYA.

Also not surprising. It's interesting; she more or less reacts the same 
way to her superiors or inferiors: mild contempt/haughtiness/arrogance. 
Very typical Dragon.

> And this exchange is even typical for her and Morrolan, who we know 
> she has no *real* contempt for.
> Aliera tends to mask her real feelings behind a facade of snippiness. 
> I think it's a defense mechanism.

Well, yeah.


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