Psychics Held in Contempt?

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Re: Not a witch?

>True; I should have been clearer. I meant that her (mild: clearly she's 
>attempting banter, and it's going right over Daymar's head) contempt was 
>aimed not necessarily at Daymar, but at his skills. He uses his psychic 
>ability to float ostentatiously and has acquired a reputation for 
>mind-probing teckla; naturally, she'll roll her eyes and mock him. Yes, 
>he's a supremely powerful psychic, but the impression I get from Aliera 
>is that she considers this to be as useful as a goldfish mastering the 
>bicycle. It's impressive, but ultimately pointless. Mind you, *I'm* not

Well, I see where you're coming from, and if this comment were from anyone 
other than Aliera, I might even agree with you. ;-)

You'd think the fact that Psychic energy (i.e. Vlad's spell) helped get 
Morrolan out of the Paths of the Dead might have shown her the usefulness 
of such things.

Frankly, I think the fact that Aliera even deigns to talk to him is an 
indication of the fact that she has a fair amount of respect for him.

Note just how many times she's ever talked to Kragar. 
>suggesting that Daymar's skills are pointless, just that they are 
>probably viewed a notch above witchcraft, if that. As we have seen, 
>Dragaerans in general dismiss witchcraft as a skill, despite its obvious 
>(to the reader and to Vlad & co.) usefulness. I imagine that much the 
>same happens with Daymar and psionics/psychics.

By the same token, almost all Dragaerans use Psychic communication since 
the Interregnum ended.

Psi-prints are commonly displayed in the homes of prestigious nobles.

I don't know what this says about how Dragaerans view the practitioners of 
such technologies, but think about it this way: How much contempt does 
*our* society have for photographers or telephone operators?

>Also not surprising. It's interesting; she more or less reacts the same 
>way to her superiors or inferiors: mild contempt/haughtiness/arrogance. 
>Very typical Dragon.

Well, I'm sure if you asked her, she'd say she doesn't *have* any 
superiors. (Isn't that a trait of Dragons? They are convinced of their own 
superiority, and that of their house.)

Remember, Aliera is still a fairly young Dragon. She was only 500 when 
Daddy blew up Dragaera City, and she's been in limbo since then, so even 
though it's 450+ years later, she never really experienced any of that 
time, and is really still only about 500. 

Looked at from this angle, she's almost exactly the same maturity level as 
Morrolan, despite being 500 years his elder. Interesting.