Vampire/Necromancer/Loraan speculation

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Vampire/Necromancer/Loraan speculation

>Another thing unexplained by the text is why vampires are treated as
>fearsome creatures.  We've never seen any instance of a vampire acting
>other than he did in normal life. Sethra seems to have been so unchanged
>that nobody noticed for years. And Loraan was an asshole on both before
>and after.  We've seen Sethra eat; we've never seen her nor any other
>vampire drink blood.  So why the fear?

Having just finished /Agyar/ recently, I think I can safely say that Brust 
has not really described everything it means to be an undead, or a vampire 
in Dragaera. (Agyar was a tremendous read, BTW. A quality on par with /To 
Reign in Hell/, which is my absolute favorite Brust book. I highly 
recommend it for those who haven't read it yet.)

We get hints at it from Vlad (especially in /Orca/, when he discusses 
Sethra's eating habits), but we're not quite sure where Sethra gets the 
blood she needs to consume. (Maybe this is the true fate of all those Dzur 

Or maybe Tukko gets it for her.

Either way, there may well be more reasons to fear Sethra Lavode than we 
have seen so far.