Vampire/Necromancer/Loraan speculation

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Vampire/Necromancer/Loraan speculation

>On Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 07:20:00AM -0800, Scott Schultz wrote:
>The Necromancer is noted as being "undead", a word which most Dragaerans
>seems to use interchangably with "vampire."  But it is not unreasonable
>to suppose that her own skills could return her, or even make her
>'undead' without the normal process of dying.  Perhaps this process is
>required to work in her area of expertise, and Sethra has been studying
>with her.  This might well explain Sethras condition without requiring
>her to have actually been killed, and the things she said to Vlad about
>dying and returning were simplifications (you know, lies) to avoid trying
>to explain the nearly inexplicable.  Nah, unlikely.
>The common man (ie, Vlad, etc) knows that the undead are vampires who
>are returned by the Gods for their own purposes.  Thus everyone who is
>undead (a vampire) must have been returned by the Gods. 

Are all undead Vampires?

Are there no Wraiths, Wights, Zombies, Were-Wolves, or their ilk?

>If Loraan was working in the same area, it might well explain how he
>came back as a 'vampire' without requiring the Gods to send him back.
>(Note for the nit-picky: no, there's no textev that the Gods were or
>weren't involved in returning him as a vampire. It just seems odd that
>they'd do it.)

And do we know that Loraan was a Vampire?

Is the Necromancer a Vampire?

I seem to remember Vlad implying that there are other types of undead, and 
that Sethra just happened to be a Vampire, but I can't remember what book 
this is from.