Vampire/Necromancer/Loraan speculation

Thu Jan 12 15:04:07 PST 2006

> Yep, there are undead besides Vampires.  Recall that the Necromancer
> raised parts of Kana's army when they attacked M's little outpost in
> Lord of Castle Black.  I suspect they were zombies, and not Vamps.

Technically speaking, those were nothing more than animated corpses;
automatons. Undead seems to imply some sentience and in at least some cases
a soul that is trapped/stored in a way that prevents it from following its
normal path to the afterlife. I tend to envision it as a body/soul link that
is external rather than internal. 

Loraan was a necromancer, whose soul had already been ripped out of his body
once by Blackwand, who chose to preserve it rather than consume it,or so it
appears based upon Morollan's "take it up with Blackwand" comment. It's
always possible that Lorran had already managed to cast some sort of ward
around his soul that prevented Blackwand from reaching it. In any case, he
almost certainly did some hocus pocus to himself that purposely caused him
to become undead. Heck, for a necromancer there are probably some advantages
to being dead when pursuing your vocation.

I think we all pretty much assume Sethra's case based upon the statement by
Verra in _Taltos_ that Morollan somehow succeeded in leaving the Halls that
he would emerge into the "real world" as an undead. We know (or do we?) that
she was sent back by the Lords of Judgement and so we apply what we've been
told to conclude that she suffered the fate described. We don't really know
what "types" of undead there are or what causes a being to become one type
or another.