Vampire/Necromancer/Loraan speculation

Davdi Silverrock davdisil at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 17:01:00 PST 2006

On 1/12/06, Scott Schultz <scott at cjhunter.com> wrote:

> Loraan was a necromancer, whose soul had already been ripped out of his body
> once by Blackwand, who chose to preserve it rather than consume it,or so it
> appears based upon Morollan's "take it up with Blackwand" comment.

You are misremembering.

Vlad was the one who said "Take it up with Morrolan. Or rather with
Blackwand." (when Kiera expresses surprise that Loraan had been
operating after being attacked by Vlad and Morrolan)

Vlad does not know for a fact that Loraan's soul was consumed by
Blackwand, and neither do we.  Vlad (and we) had reason to assume that
it had been, since he was there in the melee, and when Vlad last saw
Loraan, it was as a body with a large slash to the chest.  However,
Vlad never saw Blackwand actually strike Loraan, nor did he know
Loraan's life-state at the point that any putative strike occured.

> It's always possible that Lorran had already managed to cast some sort of
> ward around his soul that prevented Blackwand from reaching it. In any
> case, he almost certainly did some hocus pocus to himself that purposely
> caused him to become undead.

I nearly think that this has been Speculated upon already.  Although
that article badly needs to be re-written.

> I think we all pretty much assume Sethra's case based upon the statement by
> Verra in _Taltos_ that Morollan somehow succeeded in leaving the Halls that
> he would emerge into the "real world" as an undead. We know (or do we?) that
> she was sent back by the Lords of Judgement

She claims as much in /Issola/.