META: Mail and mailer configuration

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Sat Jan 14 06:05:54 PST 2006

Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:

>Another option would be to enable redundant mailings in your list options, 
>(where the list will send you a copy of every message, regardless of 
>whether the original was also sent directly to you, or not) and then only 
>read the messages that come through the list, rather than the ones 
>directly from the sender.
That would be irritating - but not as irritating as the small text.   I 
started looking for instructions on how to do this before I noticed the 

>Incidentally, I have already upped the default text size in my mailer so 
>this should be better in future from *me*, but I've noticed this same 
>behavior from others, as well, so if you want to protect your eyes, you 
>might want to look at one of these other alternatives.
It worked.   I read your message nicely.

>(Who would be using Thunderbird at work if he had any choice... ;-) )
I use Thunderbird at work for my home e-mail, but use Outlook exchange 
server for my work e-mail.      The exchange server has a few advantages:
1.  E-mail is kept on the exchange server, so I can access already read 
messages using the web.   I can only access unread messages on my 
provider's server.
2.  Outlook's calendar is integrated well - Mozilla's Thunderbird isn't.
3.  Various address lists are available.

Quoting is mixed.   In the new version of Outlook, I can get an HTML 
message, try to reply, but can't get rid of the quote line to add my own 
message.   I sometimes give up , cut and paste the header fields, and 
start a new message.    But Thunderbird's quoting also is bad, in that I 
can't select some text, hit reply, and then find only the selected text 
quoted.    I've thought about using one of my newsreaders, which do this 
better - but e-mail is important enough that I want a common standard, 
separate from news, that will allow me to retrieve important saved 
messages from backups to my next computer.