META: Mail and mailer configuration

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META: Mail and mailer configuration

>On 1/13/06, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:
>> I wonder why it is that when I read Jon's posts using Thunderbird, I 
>> a real tiny font that I need to cut and paste into another editor to 
>When Jon sends mail from stream.com, his mailer software (Lotus Notes
>Release 6.5.4) adds an HTML attachment, in which the font is change by
>a tag setting the size to "1" (font size=1 face="sans-serif")(which is
>indeed small).  This attachment is stripped out by the mailing list
>software (X-Content-Filtered-By: Mailman/MimeDel 2.1.5), so those of
>us who are not direct recipients only see the text component of the
>e-mail.  However, when he responds to someone directly, that person
>sees the e-mail that contains the HTML attachment, and the HTML is
>displayed by default.
>*Thunderbird can be configured to show text only
>(Menu->View->Message Body As -> Plain Text)
>*Thunderbird can increase the font size
> (Menu->View->Text Size->Increase)(or a keystroke: Ctrl++)
>*Jon could make sure that the only recipient is the list, so that the
>attachment is always stripped before anyone receives it
>*Jon could change the settings on Lotus Notes so that it only sends
>plain text anyway, or at least, so that the attachment is in a less
>tiny font.

Another option would be to enable redundant mailings in your list options, 
(where the list will send you a copy of every message, regardless of 
whether the original was also sent directly to you, or not) and then only 
read the messages that come through the list, rather than the ones 
directly from the sender.

Incidentally, I have already upped the default text size in my mailer so 
this should be better in future from *me*, but I've noticed this same 
behavior from others, as well, so if you want to protect your eyes, you 
might want to look at one of these other alternatives.


(Who would be using Thunderbird at work if he had any choice... ;-) )
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