A few questions for Steve re: Character names and identities

Sat Jan 14 15:42:28 PST 2006

While working on the Lyorn Records wikicity, I've compiled a few 
relatively minor questions about certain characters that it would help 
to have answers to, just for the purposes of clarification.

Steve, if you've got the time an inclination, it'd be awesome to know 
the answers to the following:

1. Which is more correct, "Castlerock" (as in /The Phoenix Guards/) or 
"Castle Rock" (as in /The Viscount of Adrilankha/)? Or are both equally 

2. What is the gender of the Chreotha "Deppian" who is referred to by 
both genders in /Paths of the Dead/?  The character is referred to as a 
"she" at the top of the page, then as a "he" a few paragraphs later. 
Chapter 14, Page 133, paperback.

(Or were the Countess and her spouse perhaps both present at this 
meeting with Kâna?)

3. Is Grassfog's sister named "Tsira" (as it appears in the text of 
/Sethra Lavode/) or "Tsani" (as it appears in the front matter)? I'm 
guessing that "Tsani" is a typo, since the name "Tsira" is used 
consitantly in the body of the book, but I didn't know if one of these 
might be a nickname or something.

4. Cwelli and Olani; Savn's parents. Which is which? (I'll completely 
understand if you don't care to answer this one, as it seems to be 
deliberately vague in the story itself--but it would be an enormous 
benefit to the "Dramatis Personae" page on the wikicity to able to to 
identify them a little more clearly.

Thanks tremendously for any response.

Jon Lincicum, aka Majikjon