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Mon Jan 16 12:00:24 PST 2006

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>> Joss Whedon is not done with the franchise.  At the very least, he
>> is going to be writing more Firefly/Serenity comic books for Dark
>> Horse comics. Joss has said a sequel is all up to the Serenity DVD 
>> sales
>> now.
>> The franchise is growing.  Now there are Hot Topic store Serenity 
>> T-shirts,
>> Dark Horse Serenity Zippo lighters and Serenity "model" ornaments.
>> ______________
> Yay! I really do just want the story to live on in some 
> fashion--preferably not films, actually, but TV, comix, novels... 
> whatever works.
> On the other hand, this might mean I have to actually go inside a Hot 
> Topic. Scary!
> N.
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