Klava with Honey: A Prologue by Steven Brust

Casey Rousseau casey at the-bat.net
Fri Jan 20 01:40:15 PST 2006

Steve Hubbell wrote:
> Klava with Honey: A Prologue by Steven Brust
> Like the tiitle, this 6 page prologue to Dzur is a really sweet
> and refreshing taste of what is to come in Dzur. It starts 10 
> seconds after the end of Issola and almost immediately
> introduces the readers (and Vlad) to the Lavode in training
> which Sethra mentioned in Issola.

OK, I'm sure it will have been edited before it hits the bookstore shelves,
but Klava with Honey is quite an appetizing teaser. It's clearly the
prologue to Dzur. Which was well in hand by last April when the chapbook was
put together.

I have only one question. Will we ever learn why the skies are lit up on
Ascension Day?

I needed a pick-me-up. It's been a long year. Yes, I said year. The
legislators of the state of Georgia have much to answer for.