A few questions for Steve re: Character names and identities

Mon Jan 16 15:49:16 PST 2006

skzb wrote:

> Jon Lincicum wrote:
>> 1. Which is more correct, "Castlerock" (as in /The Phoenix Guards/) 
>> or "Castle Rock" (as in /The Viscount of Adrilankha/)? Or are both 
>> equally valid?
> Depends on the time.  The rock was called Castle Rock on account of it 
> was a rock that looked like a castle (duh).  The town that happened to 
> grow there was called Castle Rock Town, then Castle Rock, then 
> Castlerock.

Interesting. Thanks for the background.

>> 2. What is the gender of the Chreotha "Deppian" who is referred to by 
>> both genders in /Paths of the Dead/?  The character is referred to as 
>> a "she" at the top of the page, then as a "he" a few paragraphs 
>> later. Chapter 14, Page 133, paperback.
>> (Or were the Countess and her spouse perhaps both present at this 
>> meeting with Kâna?)
> They were both present.

Cool. Another character to add to the Dramatis Personae page on the 
Wiki. (It's up to over 530 names now and counting...)

>> 3. Is Grassfog's sister named "Tsira" (as it appears in the text of 
>> /Sethra Lavode/) or "Tsani" (as it appears in the front matter)? I'm 
>> guessing that "Tsani" is a typo, since the name "Tsira" is used 
>> consitantly in the body of the book, but I didn't know if one of 
>> these might be a nickname or something.
> "Tsani" is a typo, I think.  Or maybe it's a nickname.  Yeah, I like 
> that.  I planned it all along.

I *knew* it! ;-)

>> 4. Cwelli and Olani; Savn's parents. Which is which? (I'll completely 
>> understand if you don't care to answer this one, as it seems to be 
>> deliberately vague in the story itself--but it would be an enormous 
>> benefit to the "Dramatis Personae" page on the wikicity to able to to 
>> identify them a little more clearly.)
> Sorry.

Totally okay. You can hide or reveal whatever you damn well please, and 
the rest of us will just be sitting here, hanging on your every word. 
;-) If I get too bored I can write my own fan-fic or something.

I really appreciate the reply, thanks muchly for sharing.