A few questions for Steve re: Character names and identities

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Re: A few questions for Steve re: Character names and identities

skzb wrote:

>> > Jon Lincicum wrote:
>> >
>> >> 1. Which is more correct, "Castlerock" (as in /The Phoenix Guards/)
>> >> or "Castle Rock" (as in /The Viscount of Adrilankha/)? Or are both
>> >> equally valid?
>> >
>> > Depends on the time.  The rock was called Castle Rock on account of 
>> > was a rock that looked like a castle (duh).  The town that happened 
>> > grow there was called Castle Rock Town, then Castle Rock, then
>> > Castlerock.
>So Castlerock (TPG) came before Castle Rock (TVA)?

Well, it's not quite that simple.

If Paarfi is relating these stories well after the fact (TPG was "written" 
in 309 PI) then Paarfi may use the modern spelling in some instances when 
describing Khaavren, but may spell it "Castle Rock" in dialogue instances 
where Khaavren, Aerich, Pel, Tazendra, et al. are talking to each other, 
since that's the spelling they would have used.

Further, Brust "The Translator" may simply have been inconsistent in his 
usages of the spellings that Paarfi used in the original "Dragaeran Text".

It's also possible that the Dragaerans themselves still use both spellings 
on occasion.

For the Wiki, I've decided to go with "Castlerock", given Steven's answer, 
seeing that this is apparently the "fully evolved" version of the name.