the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* knowabout Kragar?)

Tue Jan 17 15:59:13 PST 2006

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>I don't think that "of mostly Hungarian ancestry" is a warranted
>assumption.  First of all, while Fenario is Hungarian-ish, it's only
>been in existence for about 1000 years - a long time for them, but a
>miniscule fraction of the duration of the Empire. Secondly, given that
>we've heard Irish, Slavic, Italian, & Asian names, I don't think we
>can conclude which of those groups was dominant in numbers 200,000
>years ago.  Finally, note that "Kieron" is an *Irish* name, which
>could suggest that the Irish were dominant back then, but I certainly
>wouldn't bet on it.
Exellent points, all.

I was trying to remember what the theory was, and in what context I 
heard about it, but I'm still drawing a blank on exactly where I got the 
idea in the first place (it certainly wasn't of my own invention).

There had to be some significant Hungarian population to start with, 
else the culture could not have survived for hundreds of thousands of 
years--but this in no way means that other cultural influences were not 
also present (and in possibly greater numbers).

The fact that Fenario is among the more well-known Eastern Kingdoms, in 
fact, in no way guarantees that this culture is even dominant among 
Easterners in "present-day" Dragaera, since there's no real information 
on the lands further East from Fenario and Blackchapel.

It could be that there's a nation descended from long-haired American 
hippies from the 1970's who are *the* dominant Eastern nation, they're 
just so far away from the Empire that we've never heard about them.

>My own pararectal speculation is that time is sufficiently fluid in
>Dragaera that successive waves of different Earth-peoples have been
>introduced into Dragaera's East at different times in the course of
>the Empire's history.
Is it part of your theory that Terran colonization of Dragaera is ongoing?

>I may have to flesh that notion out at Speculation:Easterner.  Hm.
Sounds like a great idea!

>Speaking of time-fluidity, and noting the difference in rates of
>time-flow between Dragaera and Jenoinesburg, it also occurs to me that
>the Jenoine attacks on the Empire are, from the point of view of the
>Jenoine, occurring in rapid succession.
>ObOtherSF: Microcosmic God.
Given the way they operate, they probably set up a long-line of attacks, 
many designed as feints, and have started executing them "recently". Of 
course, we still don't know about the timing of several of the events 
that Sethra mentions in /Issola/, the Attack on the Imperial Palace, for 
example, or the attack on the Greater Sea of Chaos. It could be that 
these earlier attacks happened much further back in Imperial history.