the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* knowabout Kragar?)

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Tue Jan 17 16:59:56 PST 2006

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> Davdi Silverrock wrote:

> I was trying to remember what the theory was, and in what context I
> heard about it, but I'm still drawing a blank on exactly where I got the
> idea in the first place (it certainly wasn't of my own invention).

Probably Verra, in /Phoenix/, when she starts talking about the ones
who discovered this world, before the Jenoine. And from the Serioli,
and from Sethra, we know that they were what we would call humans. 
Presumably from our future, since they had stuff on Marxism preserved
in their vaults.

To the left, perhaps when Verra says "vaults", she actually means
"gateways to other worlds" (ie, ours).  I need to re-read that section
more carefully.

Of course, Verra also misstates (or Vlad misstated) the number of
years to the Interregnum.  Unless more is going on with that, of

> There had to be some significant Hungarian population to start with,
> else the culture could not have survived for hundreds of thousands of
> years

Not necessarily.  In my scenario, an influx of Magyar from earlier in
our history (say, around 1000AD our time) to Dragaera at some point in
Dragaera's "recent" past (sometime in the 17th Cycle, maybe a few
hundred years before Tortaalik's reign began) could result in the
Fenarian civilization we see in /Brokedown Palace/ and Vlad's time. 
Or something like that.

Time travel weirds history.

> >My own pararectal speculation is that time is sufficiently fluid in
> >Dragaera that successive waves of different Earth-peoples have been
> >introduced into Dragaera's East at different times in the course of
> >the Empire's history.
> >
> >
> Is it part of your theory that Terran colonization of Dragaera is ongoing?

No, not colonization.  Maybe that first human population, before the
Empire, but I'm talking about influxes of people with minimal
civilization into already settled lands, thus disrupting them, and
preventing the rising of an Easterner civilization with a higher tech
level than the Dragaeran Empire.