High Tech vs. the Orb

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Re: High Tech vs. the Orb (some Issola spoilage)

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>>Of course, a simple clairvoyance spell used to listen in to your 
>>strategy meetings makes radio encryption basically worthless, anyway. 
>Separate issues.    I'm sure the enemies' strategy meetings are 
>protected.   I'm less confident that all of the communications officers 
>sending the encrypted orders by whichever means are protected.

Well, that was really the point I was asking about. Is there really any 
way for technology protect against clairvoyance?

>Some radio intelligence can be done without human intervention. 
>Clairvoyance might find it hard to read the minds of spy satellites, for 

Well, since the way I think of clairvoyance isn't just as "mind-reading" 
so much as "remote fact-finding", the information wouldn't really have to 
be in anyone's brain to find it out. 

>One way of using many tools could be illustrated in an example of 
>protecting a prize.    The first thing to do is make sure all the 
>physical doors and locks work as designed.   Then make sure the 
>sorcerous doors and locks work as designed.   Then make sure the 
>watchmen work as designed.   Include some cobwebs at strategic spots to 
>discover if someone has entered the prize location.   If you can add 
>psionic protections (maybe dread), add them.  If you can add witchcraft, 
>add it.

But can a purely technological civilization block psionics? Or sorcery?

If not, then information gathered in this manner is *not* safe from 

Say, for example, that Morrolan simply used his secret window to observe 
the enemy meetings. How would a purely science-based technology be able to 
stop him?