High Tech vs. the Orb

Thu Jan 19 10:27:57 PST 2006

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> >>Of course, a simple clairvoyance spell used to listen in to your
> enemies'
> >>strategy meetings makes radio encryption basically worthless, anyway.
> >>
> >
> >Separate issues.    I'm sure the enemies' strategy meetings are
> >protected.   I'm less confident that all of the communications officers
> >sending the encrypted orders by whichever means are protected.
> Well, that was really the point I was asking about. Is there really any
> way for technology protect against clairvoyance?
> >Some radio intelligence can be done without human intervention.
> >Clairvoyance might find it hard to read the minds of spy satellites, for
> >instance.
> Well, since the way I think of clairvoyance isn't just as "mind-reading"
> so much as "remote fact-finding", the information wouldn't really have to
> be in anyone's brain to find it out.
> >One way of using many tools could be illustrated in an example of
> >protecting a prize.    The first thing to do is make sure all the
> >physical doors and locks work as designed.   Then make sure the
> >sorcerous doors and locks work as designed.   Then make sure the
> >watchmen work as designed.   Include some cobwebs at strategic spots to
> >discover if someone has entered the prize location.   If you can add
> >psionic protections (maybe dread), add them.  If you can add witchcraft,
> >add it.
> But can a purely technological civilization block psionics? Or sorcery?
> If not, then information gathered in this manner is *not* safe from
> protection.
> Say, for example, that Morrolan simply used his secret window to observe
> the enemy meetings. How would a purely science-based technology be able to
> stop him?
> Majikjon

Maybe they can build a SCIF with stones imported from Elde Island? As
always, the keys to victory are sound strategic goals, adaptive tactics, and
superior logistics. We know that Sethra Lavode keeps these near and dear to
her heart, but she is not the current Warlord, and is not likely to be in
command at first. And that first battle would be decisive. If the Empire
responded to an invasion from the East with the scorn we have seen before, I
would expect the initial engagements to be a slaughter.

Also, did the javelin shooters and arrows in  "Dragon" have metal heads? If
so, then I can't see sorcery being very effective against bullets/artillery
besides destroying ammunition before it's fired. But that's when railguns
come in handy.

- pondering the use of snipers against sorcerers in the battlefield.