High Tech vs. the Orb

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Thu Jan 19 10:46:49 PST 2006

Jeff G. wrote:

>Maybe they can build a SCIF with stones imported from Elde Island? As
>always, the keys to victory are sound strategic goals, adaptive tactics, and
>superior logistics. We know that Sethra Lavode keeps these near and dear to
>her heart, but she is not the current Warlord, and is not likely to be in
>command at first. And that first battle would be decisive. If the Empire
>responded to an invasion from the East with the scorn we have seen before, I
>would expect the initial engagements to be a slaughter.
>Also, did the javelin shooters and arrows in  "Dragon" have metal heads? If
>so, then I can't see sorcery being very effective against bullets/artillery
>besides destroying ammunition before it's fired. But that's when railguns
>come in handy.
Dragaera has become rich and powerful since the Orb.   It appears that 
its research community has been active.   It even has people studying 
alternative stuff including witchcraft and sorcery - and we see only a 
small subset of its population.   (The surfs don't count much - but 
picture the scientific & technological growth of the 18th and 19th 

On the other hand, they depend quite a bit on the orb - although they 
have practice fighting without much of its capabilities available.

While their behavior doesn't seem as patient as we might expect, it is 
possible that their research could be slowed down by their long lives.

We get the self-centered impression that Dragaera is large and Human 
land is small.   I think of Japanese Shoguns who wanted to conquer China 
and thus the world when I think of Sethra the Younger's desire to 
conquer the Humans.    It would be interesting to see Admiral Sperry's 
Great White Fleet, if it weren't for the fact the the Jenoine change the 
historical analogs.