High Tech vs. the Orb

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Re: High Tech vs. the Orb

>Waste of resources. "No matter how subtle the wizard, a .50 caliber slug
>through the chest will cramp his style . . . along with the next 3 
>or so in line with the shot."

Well, just to get through any self-protection force-fields the sorcerers 
might have. Otherwise the bullet doesn't go through the first one.

>-Now thinking of grinding up Phoenix stone into dust to be dispersed
>aerially onto the battlefield.

Funny. I had exactly the same thought.

Only I was thinking of a "Powder Bomb" that would be dropped onto a major 
city (say Adrilankha) in preparation for dropping a nuclear warhead. 
(Again, so no kind of city-wide sorcerous force-field could be used to 
protect the city.)

One bomb dropped on Adrilankha. Orb is destroyed. War is over.