High Tech vs. the Orb

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> >- pondering the use of snipers against sorcerers in the battlefield.
> Bullets made of Gold Phoenix Stone, perhaps? ;-)

I was about to say: "We do have evidence, from Grita's final battle,
that magic can block physical attacks, force-field style." But was
that really magic? It happened after Grita contacted the Jenoine, who
at the time presumably had no access to amorphia and sorcery. (My
impression of events in /Issola/ is that the Jenoine had only recently
gained access, and that taking out GW wielders was the first thing
they did.) If that assumption is correct, it was either done with some
other form of Jenoine magic or with super-science technology--it isn't
clear which one the Jenoine use, or even whether there is any
difference, as Howard Brazee has been pointing out. On the other hand,
it could be that sorcery can do exactly the same thing, and the
Jenoine was needed only as an alternate power source given lack of
access to the Orb. On the gripping hand, Grita was trained in Elder
Sorcery, and she *still* needed Jenoine help to pull the force field
off; this suggests to me that sniper rounds are likely to be quite
effective against the average sorcerer. Even Aliera gets cut up in
normal hand-to-hand combat.

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