High Tech vs. the Orb

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Re: High Tech vs. the Orb

>One final thought: who here is confident that Paarfi's account of the
>battle is accurate? It's quite possible that he had two facts: a
>Jenoine was at the battle, and *spoiler* and *spoiler* both *spoiler*
>there. The rest could be a dramatic ending to his novel, back-fitted
>onto those facts.

Don't forget that *spoiler*, *spoiler*, *spoiler*, *spoiler*, *spoiler* 
and *spoiler* also *spoiler* there. ;-)

We don't really know how much of Paarfi's account is accurate and how much 
is kethna offal. That is rather deliberate, I'm sure.

I don't think we can even count on the fact that a Jenoine was there. But 
hey, until we have an alternate version, I'm preparred to take it as the 
"best available version of events".