High Tech vs. the Orb WAS Re: the honing of Vlad

Thu Jan 19 14:32:41 PST 2006

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> Jeff G. wrote:
> >>They are bazooka (well, panzerfaust) descendents, definitely.  They're
> >>meant to tackle armor & to a lesser extent, structures.  They aren't the
> >>best antipersonnel weapons.
> >>
> >>Snarkhunter
> >>
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> >Change that to light armor and unarmored vehicles. Most of the simple to
> >operate, man portable weapons won't do much more than inform a tank
> >of your exact location. And as they would be of limited effectiveness in
> >this sort of campaign anyway, I think we can disregard them. A Mark 19,
> >the other hand, would do nicely.
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> >
> Yes, I was writing hastily & meant "armor" in the widest sense, but not
> really thinking of MBTs.  Mark 19 sounds good, not terribly portable
> I wonder if there is a sorcerous shaped charge spell?
> Snarkhunter
Depends on who you ask. Most of the Marines I know would happily drag one of
those monsters anywhere, as long as they were allowed to shoot it at
something when they got there.

-prefers to be dropped of by a vehicle to walking to a fight.