High Tech vs. the Orb WAS Re: the honing of Vlad

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Fri Jan 20 10:26:55 PST 2006

Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:

>Just what makes a "Sorcerous Army"? 
>As we've seen in the books, most Dragaeran all armies are "convential" 
>with a Sorcerer's Corps to supplement the Teckla/Dragon/Dzur infantry 
>Perhaps during an Athyra reign, the Sorcerer's Corps would be larger and 
>more sophisticated, but I doubt there is ever a time when conventional 
>forces disappear entirely.
I suppose this argument is like comparing using an army with artillery.

The Air Force didn't make the Army obsolete.   It changed Naval battles 
significantly.   And now it changes logistics a lot.   But somebody has 
to take the objective.