the honing of Vlad

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Re: the honing of Vlad

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>> On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Maximilian Wilson wrote:
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>> >> > Note; Lanya e'Kieron herself was a female, and the "founder" of 
>> >> > e'Lanya line. Hence, her descendants used their mother's name, 
>> than
>> >> > their father's.
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>> >> [blinks] Somehow, I wasn't aware of that.
>> >
>> >Me neither.  Wonder if there's any evidence.
>> >
>> >I would have guessed that one decided one's line based on one's own
>> >character and relationship to both parents in cases of mixed lineage.
>> Textev for Lanya e'Kieron comes from TPG, pages 402-405 of the 
>> edition. (It's contained in a discussion between Uttrik and Kathana
>> e'Merich'Chala).
>AFB - are you saying that the line was entirely matrilineal, or only
>refuting the idea that lines are entirely patrilineal?  The above sounds
>like the former.

Sorry about the confusion. I was *not* trying to say that the entire line 
was matrilineal, but rather that Lanya's direct descendents used their 
mothers name. Succeding generations may have switched to a male-line 
tradition, it is not made clear. But the fact that the head of the line 
was female neccessitates at least one generation of matrilineal naming.