Dragaera Digest, Vol 2, Issue 22

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Re: Dragaera Digest, Vol 2, Issue 22

>> In fact, the only Elder Sorcerers we see creating amorphia out of
>> nothingness are Aliera and Vlad. It is stated that Kieron had the 
>> but never used it. This may be an extremely limited ability, that was
>> available only to a generation or two worth of e'Kierons right at the
>> beginning of the Empire.

>Now I'm confused --
>I only remember two times when Vlad unleashes amorphia, and both times he
>has a bit of it to start with, or am I remembering wrong?
>I thought Vlad's unusual (e'Kieron) ability was to cast spells using
>amorphia directly, not to create it from nothingness.  Does he ever do
>this?  Does anyone?
>I just checked the wiki to see if there are textrefs for times when 
>actually CREATES amorphia but couldn't find any.
>Thanks for helping out this old man's memory...

It's true, in /Issola/, Vlad has the chaos stone that he uses to help 
start the amorphia attack on the Jenoine. 

But all he had in /Jhereg/ was his link to the Orb, and the knowledge from 
Aliera that his soul could create amorphia. No chaos stones are involved 
in this instance. (At least, Vlad mentions none. Given that he was 
immobilized at the time, it would have been hard for him to use such a 
stone, even if one were available.)

I suspect I need to re-write the article on Elder Sorcery to deliniate the 
borders between the major "types" of Elder Sorcery a bit more clearly.