Dragaera Digest, Vol 2, Issue 22

Mon Jan 23 11:47:34 PST 2006

> Now I'm confused --
> I only remember two times when Vlad unleashes amorphia, and 
> both times he
> has a bit of it to start with, or am I remembering wrong?
> I thought Vlad's unusual (e'Kieron) ability was to cast spells using
> amorphia directly, not to create it from nothingness.  Does he ever do
> this?  Does anyone?

Anyone with sufficient training (Grita, for instance) can cast spells using
amorphia directly. That's Elder Sorcery.

When Vlad unleashes the amorphia out of desperation in _Jhereg_, he has none
to start with. I don't have the book handy, but I recall that he describes
the sorceress he's "hitting" as "collapsing" into a ball of raw chaos
(amorphia). Whether he converted her matter into amorhphia or created bit of
amorphia inside of her that subsequently consumed her could be up for

The event in _Issola_ was an example of Vlad creating a Chaos Stone from an
existing source of amorphia and then releasing it at a later time. It didn't
involve creating it from nothing.